good egg (noun; informal) – a good person, someone to be trusted; a friend.

Whilst it feels as though I practically live in the kitchen, there are days when I’m in a hurry or am feeling particularly weary and dejected – sometimes quick, adaptable meals that can withstand frequent interruptions (when the baby needs feeding or the dog’s in the bin foraging for yesterday’s leftover trifle) are exactly what’s required. If you’re looking for family friendly recipes, cosy baking or getting creative with an eclectic collection of leftovers then this is the spot for you. Here you’ll find the food that I like to make for, and with, Mr Jolly Good Egg (A.K.A. The Geek) and the Hatchlings: Biggest Boy, The Bee, the Smallest but One and the teeny, tiny Little Hen.

I do hope you’ll share your favourites with me too. Perhaps you have a recipe for an exquisite chocolate tart, a failsafe sourdough or a top tip for producing the most delectable macaroons. I’ll budge up on the kitchen sofa, patting the plump cushion beside me – do sit down, won’t you? Cup of tea? Hot buttered scone with strawberry jam? Why, yes, you say?

Marvellous, then let’s begin…


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